TRIP: Formal Night on the Cruise

While shipping out to your various destination there are days that you're "At Sea". The boat is full of activities and shows to entertain the guests, plenty of bars to wet your whistle and even a casino to "win daddy a new pair shoes". Usually these are the "formal nights" where everyone gets dressed up (Yea, tuxedos preferred but they'll let you get by with suit and tie). Yes there's an option for those that don't prefer to dress up in the buffet, but usually everyone gets dressed in their finest and gets their photos taken prior to dinner and finish the evening with a wine or cocktail at the bar.

I opted for the cocktail before dinner of course :). The martini bar had a nice "iced" bar top (literally a bar top kept frosted and frozen). The bartenders tossed bottles back and forth ala "Cocktail". Very entertaining show, I went with a classic Vodka martini dirty.

Sorry, I'm light on the dinner pictures because we basically ordered the same things and skipped dessert. For starters, I got the Chicken Liver pate and my wife got the panko crusted frog legs with pea puree. The frog legs were very tender and delicious.

The soup course was a chili roasted corn soup. The sweet corn and heat from the chili was nice play off the rich cream in the soup.

Dinner was a Duck breast served with wild rice. I would have preferred a better crispy sear on the skin.

We came back to our cabin with a towel rabbit and mints.

Oh, one word about cruises, internet is ridiculously slow and expensive, good for email (barely). I've had to queue up all these posts on port at the internet cafes where upload speeds are manageable.


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