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Vacation: Hill Country Resort, Antlers Lodge

Still on vacation. I was talking to one of the staff here at the resort asking about "must try" places in San Antonio and was met with the same reply as I got from the concierge, "um. that's a good question" I was finally directed to a couple of pizza places but since I'm low carb-ing it those were out. I decided to try the resort's fine dining option at the Antlers Lodge. I wandered in early and they apparently let my t-shirt wearing self slide by their dress code policy (I was otherwise compliant).  Let me say, "wow!" this was an excellent meal, I only wish I went there three days prior so my girlfriend could have experienced the food too.  They started off with a cheddar biscuit and laver with house made butter. Wait, house made butter? I had to question the waiter, "did you mean you house compounded the butter? or did you actually mean you guys made the butter?" Apparently they churn their own butter and added candied

Vacation: Hill Country Resort

So it's about that time again. I've burnt myself to a crisp both in terms of life and work. I'm really bad about taking vacations for two reasons. First, I'm not a big fan of going out to a destination vacation on my own. I like sharing experiences and so I feel bad when my significant other is unable to accompany me. Two, I'm just bad at drawing my own boundaries even though I know how refreshed I feel when I do take time to unplug from my email and truly take time off. Well I came up with a nice compromise I decided to jet down here to San Antonio and stay at the Hyatt Resort Spa. There's a lot of advantages to this type of vacation. It's not much of a destination, so I don't feel to bad since my girlfriend doesn't have the vacation time to spend on this vacation (we have others planned). It's close enough that my girlfriend could come up with me over the weekend and spend time with me. It's on a golf course so I get to try to see if I

Kenyan Bento

I had a hell of a time getting the title photo into place. For some reason every time I tried to upload the photo it turned it on it's side. I was going to blame blogger for this but I finally fixed it by uploading via my mac. GRRRR. Who to blame? My browser or my OS. Ok.ok. in with anger out with love. WOOOSAH.  Originally I was going to go with another Indian theme since curries seem to be very popular with my bentoers but then I remembered I have a co-worker from Kenya so I quizzed her a bit about Kenyan dishes and started my research from there. Like many cuisines, Kenya draws on influences of regions around the area, Arab, Indian, and surprisingly English cuisine.  The main dish is called Kuku Paka, it's a chicken in a coconut based curry sauce. This is a nice combination of the Indian influences of curries as well as the English use of actual "Curry Powder". Curry powder (after digging around) was an English invention to mimic the flavors of Ind