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Polish Bento

So for whatever reason my food blog news feeds have recently been posting more and more Polish food recipes. And when a meatball recipe came thru and I was pretty sure I had to do a Polish Bento. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I LOVE meatballs and like I said it's what got me to make enough time to cook. Klopsiki Pulpeciki is a meatball (I went with pork only this time) in a mushroom sauce. But since I'm going off gluten for a little while, I made this a gluten free recipe. The binder was breadcrumbs and I used a cornflake gluten free substitute, for the sauce I used some of my all purpose gluten free "flour" blend and it thickened up like charm, and of course I served it over a brown rice flour pasta (regular egg noodle pasta pictured above). The interesting part of this dish is the use of sour cream as part of the binder for the meatballs and a lack of sour cream in what tasted like a "Stroganoff" type dish. I seared up the meatballs

Lockhart BBQ

I took a mini stay-cation and on day two I set out to Lockhart Texas for the legendary big three bbq joints. Kreuz Market, Black's Barbecue and Smitty's have been around for a long time each have their own unique history, Black's claims oldest continuously opened bbq, Smitty's and Kreuz have a contentious history of it's own all lay some sort of claim of being oldest. I'll let you read up on the history and you can judge for yourself. The bottom line is: in Lockhart, they are hardcore bbq fans. If you haven't made the pilgrimage it's worth it just to check out the history in stores. I know I'm about to open myself up to all sorts of bbq religious zealot-ism in the comments with this post, but please keep in mind this is my opinion of what I ate and I'm actually not much of a griller so you're basic grill fanatic will probably detect more subtleties than I will and will have differing opinions on sauce/no sauce and cooking methods. Anyway,

Lemongrass Bistro Kona Kailua

This is how lame I am, I'm just now getting around to post my final day in Hawaii and I feel so lame about it that I'm not even putting Hawaii Trip Day 9 in the title. That and the post basically revolves around the Lemongrass Bistro that we ate at on the last day (we didn't really do anything else). The picture above is the "terminal" at the airport, completely open air and no shops or anything. I'm not sure what they do when it rains. If you remember from my posts about my Hawaiian trip, there was a little cafe in the food court of the Queen's market  called Lemongrass which my wife absolutely loved. (we hit that food court at least four times during our stay) During our few excursions into the city of Kona Kailua we actually happened upon the original restaurant Lemongrass Bistro.  So when we were scratching for stuff to do before our flight Pictured above is the Ahi Poke. Everyone has their own take on making poke in Hawaii. With access to