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Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! (Not the greatest of pictures. We had hotpot with friends and family that couldn't make it home this year.)

Soba Noodles with grilled Miso Abalone mushroom

Finally a food post! I'll admit this one has been on the backlog for posting but with all the travel it's been very difficult to get back on track. In my quest towards a healthy low calorie lunch box I was inspired with my previous use of soba noodles and Abalone mushrooms (King Oyster). Here I aimed to use the mushrooms as my protein and grill it to give a visual appeal of grilled tenderloin. The meaty texture of the mushroom is often used to substitute for animal protein and it's also a huge savings on calories. Here's a shot of the ingredients used.  (see recipe below for explanation) I cut the mushrooms into 3/4" thick rounds and marinaded them over night. The abalone mushrooms give the dish a nice meat-y texture without all of the calories. I let the mushrooms marinade overnight hoping to have the mushroom really get some of the flavor and maybe draw out some of the moisture with the use of the miso and salt. I then grilled the mushrooms on