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Gujarati Bento

For whatever reason I'm having a hard time getting this post writen. As always life is busy and finding time to cook is just as hard, but whatever reason the last two bentos made a slow appearance into a post and this one seems to be just as difficult. Once I start it goes quickly, but my brain has been put into procrastination mode. Anyhow enough excuses. If you remember, a friend suggested that I go through the various regions of India as a "set" of themes. A fabulous idea, Indian food is really diverse, each region makes use of different ingredients from spices to vegetables and proteins. This time we land in the west Indian state of Gujarat. Gujarati cuisine is heavily vegetarian based focusing on complex flavor profiles of being sweet, sour, and spicy (often all at the same time). I realize I said that the majority of the dishes from Gujarat is vegetarian, but I usually get feedback that the bento tends to be less "satisfying" when I produce an all

Ideal Protein Bento

So i've been on this diet for a few weeks now. There's just some stubborn pounds I can't seem to lose and since I work out nearly every day it has to come down to diet. My doctor suggested I try out this diet called the Ideal Protein diet. It comes in four phases and phase one (which i'm in) has me eating their food with only my own cooking once per day. This happens until I lose 90% of my stated goal, which feels like an eternity from now. So to "celebrate" I decided to create a bento that has a *loose* interpretation of my diet. Half of the bento I'm eating now the other half would be allowable in future phases. This is has been what I called a technically delicious lunch. I say that because sous vide italian marinaded pork with a yellow, zucchini squash sauteed with portabella mushrooms is indeed a wonderful lunch to have... Unless you've been eating it for about three weeks straight. Why did I select this golden manacle for lunch? Well it'