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Grapefruit and Peru Bento? CitrusPeru bento?

We have a bit of a Frankenstein theme this week. I still couldn't let Peru go, there were just so many more things I wanted to try. I was ready to go ahead and put together another Peru bento when Lindsay from Apron Adventures was kind enough to drop off a grapefruit and grapefruit accessories basket from the folks at Texas Sweet . This of course got me thinking grapefruit theme, but I really wanted to stick with using the grapefruit on a subtler level rather than the more obvious fruit salad or fish with grapefruit slices and I still wanted to do a bit of peruvian cuisine. I found two recipes from each theme and I think they all pair nicely together, so I present to you grapefruitperu, citroperu, perufruit ok it's a confused theme we'll just have to roll with it. So our main entree is a grilled shrimp marinated in grapefruit bbq sauce. Dead simple to make, I ended up tweaking the sauce recipe because it came out a bit thin and I had hoped for a better coating, I also opt

Peruvian Bento

I'm not sure what possessed me to pick Peruvian food as the theme for the box. The country just popped into my head and I just started digging. I learned a lot about the cuisine and apparently it's a melting pot claiming connections to Japan, China, Africa, French, and Italian immigrants to name a few. This mix became very apparent while reading through collection after collection of recipes and websites. It was a fun exercise getting a week's worth of immersion looking into the country and it's cuisine. I've no doubt barely scratched the surface and am so intrigued by what I found, I'll no doubt have a return to Peru bento somewhere in the future. I tried my best to pick and imagine the combination of flavors and textures that seemed on paper would come out as favorites (there were lots to pick from) and that's what I present today. My only regret was that I had to sacrifice a slot (and a whole dish) to rice, which was unavoidable after tasting my main dis

Valentine's Day Surf and Turf Bento

It's been two tortuous weeks of no cooking for me. The rest was probably really good for me, but to be in the kitchen cooking again felt really good. It's my way of relaxing and having fun. Besides I'm a busy body, for two weeks there was a giant hole in my schedule where I had absolutely nothing to do it was freaking me out. Anyhow I digress, I had plenty of themes queued up but being so close to Valentine's day I figure it would be nice to send my diners a valentine's day dinner surf and turf style. I managed to save a few bucks in the previous few bentos so it allowed me to do a splurge this week. I kept the menu easy to make sure I don't over do it on my first week back. And of course I had my new toy, which I'll post more on in a bit. I can't say enough about my new found love of sous vide cooking. You really need to click into the photo to the right. Can you see it? It's a medium rare steak with maybe a 1 millimeter brown top. The whole thing

Laptop Lunches Affiliate

Hey, just wanted to let you guys know, I joined the Laptop Lunch Affiliates program. If you've ever wanted one of the boxes that I use to hold all the lunches you've seen, you can use the coupon code listed in the picture (permanently tagged to the side bar) and get 10% off. You've seen my posts in the pasts here and here extolling their virtue. And there's the added bonus of supporting my site :) Sorry about the lack of post, as I said I'm on hiatus for medical reasons. I'll be back very soon I promise.