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No, this weird mushroom growing out of a bag of fertilizer in my backyard has nothing to do with today's post. I just thought it was cool. Anyone know what it is? Looks kinda like an oyster mushroom. A minor face lift today. You'll note a few things: I mucked with the template. When I was setting up the blog I just picked the first thing that looked appealing. One of the things I didn't really like was if you maximize the screen it didn't let you see more content, the dead space borders just expanded. So this template stretches. We'll see how that works out for me. Yes, I've joined the foodbuzz following. I'm still exploring the community, but what it looks like is a foodies version of facebook/myspace . A few of the bloggers from the Uchi event had joined foodbuzz as a featured publisher. Basically this forms a partnership (yes that means ads) where we, as foodies and bloggers, help a community with content continued posts etc. and in return they give us mo

Rawberry Bento

Ok Rawberry isn't the best description, I designed this gluten free menu around fruit. So that means fruit plays into each of the components. I ran across this great "raw" cherry tart, hence the Raw in the title. The seed was the entree and the dessert, so I had to fill out of the box with items that still fell in the fruit category. Surprisingly, this was somewhat difficult to accomplish without straying into the gluten side of the world. Ultimately, I remembered that the strict definition of fruit included all "vegetables" that have seeds :). The main entree was mango tomato chicken over quinoa. This was interesting in that the quinoa preparation this time around was a little different than I've done previously. It included soaking and cleaning the quinoa until the bitter saponins. It's a natural covering that disuades birds from feasting on the crop. This made a pretty big difference in the outcome. 1) more tender quinoa 2) a less bitter dish. I d

Food Blogger event: Uchi

It's with a bit of mixed feelings that I submit this particular blog entry. I've worked pretty hard to keep any personal information off my posts. I've even gone out of my way to not really reference where in the world I am. With this post, I will officially place myself in Austin, TX. I can't really say why I didn't want to put any personal information out, paranoia? somehow mixing personal and business by providing linking data? In anycase, this blogger event pushed me over. The food experience was out of this world, and the chance to meet up with local bloggers was just a lot of fun. My friends and I love food, I'm the only one of us truly obsessed and geek out about food and so I felt amongst comrades at the gathering. Warning long post ahead! So, some background. I get an email inviting me to a food bloggers event. I almost trashed the invite because 1) it looked like spam 2) who knows that I'm in austin? I've kept that info out. Fortuneatly I *did*

Martha Stewart invades!

Martha Stewart invades my kitchen this week; news at 11, ok not for real. My wife saw one of those suggested meal cards in one of the Martha Stewart living magazine and thought it looked very "yummy". Being that it was gluten free, I was happy to give it a whirl. I got started on this bento kinda late last night but I was happily surprised the whole thing from prep to finish really took me about one and a half hours to churn out all six portions. Not too shabby I'd say. I had a few regrets on this one but from a general level it was the budget. I blew my budget by 2x, fish is expensive period. On the positive I just want to say all of the dishes (excluding the fish) were brilliant in that they tasted wonderful and were just a breeze to put together excellent for any home cook that has to come home from a long day of work. Maybe I need to subscribe. The leading entree in this series was a Fish En Papillote. I made a few mistakes which i'll detail out. I went with hali

Comfort food mmm mmm good

Sorry about the late post. I'll further apologies for the bad photos. First, my camera takes a head first dive into the bowl of tomato basil soup thus splashing my entire light box setup so that's why everything looks like it's shot in the dark. It's not all bad I come to update the site and I've hit the big 10k vistor milestone! Yay! On with the show, the big thing with going gluten free is you miss some of the old staples that you got use to. We were out one night with some friends and one of their kids was hungrily chomping on a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a bit of a trial for my wife, ok it was torture and it didn't help that the little girl kept exclaiming how good it was. So, I set upon my mission to find a good gluten free bread recipe. I have to hand it to this blog , it has been an invaluable resource for ideas and building blocks for me to put bentos together. I'll do a separate post on the bread itself, but I took the idea of grilled cheese