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Flavor Tripping with the BerryFairy

So tonight I flavor tripped with the famous BerryFairy. It was hosted at the Belmont bar here in downtown Austin. I won't go over the berry again but you can read about it here . Our wonderful host tonight was none other than the BerryFairy pictured with her friend and business partner Lea. There was a wonderful turnout, I was hoping to see some of my fellow food bloggers but didn't spot any familiar faces. The response was popular enough that it warrented an encore performance this Fr iday so if you get a chance sign up! Ok on to the spread. We had a wide array of foods to try: goat cheese, brie, salt and vinegar chips, tomatos, it was a strange bedfellows of foods but the selection was designed to show off the strange powers of the miracle berry. I guess this picture of my plate will tell you how strange a sampling we had. It's difficult to explain exactly the tasting experience. We start with a berry and the instructions to chew on the fruit for two mins and wait for m

Peach Bento - 50th Bento!

So I counted it up, this is my 50th bento for my eaters. 50! Wow! granted I've posted more, but there's a lot of Offtopic "yammering" and also some meals that weren't lunches. So my eaters should have collected 50 small index cards with my lunch time greetings and menu description! Go me! Ok enough back patting. Another Fruit themed bento this week. My wife suggested a peach challenge for me. Didn't have time to hit the farmer's market this week so I had to make due with the regular grocery store. Despite the tenderloin, I came in under the five dollar mark this time (I was impressed) I suppose partly due to the fact that peaches are in season. I scoured the internet for various ideas and came up with this set of highly modified mix and match recipes. First of we start with a Pork Tenderloin with Peach Chutney. The shot isn't very pretty, infact the color from the chutney messed with the color of the overall picture (I picked the best one). I think it&

Korean Bento

Sorry about the sparce posts, been dealing with some emergencies here at home. I managed to dig out some time and come up with a Korean inspired bento. This one's been on my list to do for quite some time. I'm not sure why I never got around to building a menu, better late than never I suppose. This box is gluten free box, even though we've reverted back to a normal diet. Ok on with the show. I really enjoy korean food, I think because of all the little side dishes and pickles they serve you, so no korean themed bento could be complete without a bevy of side dishes. Starting from the left we have Sook Ju Namool, its a lightly seasoned bean sprout dish served cold. The bean sprouts were quickly blanched and a bit of salt, garlic and sesame oil are added. Next we have Oi Muchim, or spicy cucumber salad. The process for this and the next dish is a light quick pickling. I managed to get my hands on some korean cucumbers (thank you farmers market) very different from regular

Event: Miracle Berry in Austin

Hi all. A lot of my friends have been talking about the " miracle berry " or " food tripping ". There's a local Austin event happening and I wanted to get the word out since so many of you have asked about organizing a party (yes at some point I'll still have one at my place). Well this one is for a good cause! Thank you Berry Fairy for inviting me :) I'll be there hope to see you guys too MEDIA ALERT/CALENDAR LISTING Flavor Tripping Party with The Berry Fairy WHAT: The Berry Fairy is bringing Miracle Berry Flavor Tripping to Austin, TX. A portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the local charity We Are Learning. Miracle berries are a native West African fruit that have an extraordinary effect when consumed. The "miracle" is that everything sour and bitter eaten afterwards will taste sweet for up to 2 hours. Lemons will taste like lemonade, vinegar like apple juice, goat cheese like cream cheese frosting, and stout beers like choco

Hey look at me!

I managed to make the paper. Very cool! Take a look: Bento boxes, tiffins can revive your lunch routine Thanks to Addie Broyles for the nice write up! And to any new visitors thanks for coming by.

Strawberry Bento

I'm back with another post, sorry about the sporadic posts things are very busy. I'm still getting over the cold I caught a few weeks back, this cough will not go away. I suppose one good thing came out of this cold, sitting in the doctor's office, I came across an issue of Better Homes and Gardens. The issue featured a showcase on strawberries, all strawberries all the time. What a great idea! Better yet, my new found love of going to the local farmer's market had to play into the bento. So the mission was produce the strawberry bento supplemented with ingredients from the farmers market. The farmers market was chock full of wonderful produce and meats. The prices were perhaps a little bit more than I would spend on groceries, but if you factor in the cost of organic produce I think the money comes out the same. The real difference is that all of that money goes straight to the hardworking local farmers. It was great speaking with the farmers, they were all very eager