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TRIP: Playa Del Carmen Day 4

Happy New Year! Sorry I didn't have anything interesting to post, we were kind of lame and stayed in this year. On the bright side I got to review some neat underwater photos as I continue my posts of our awesome Christmas vacation. We took our first excursion on Day four. We went snorkeling out at Turtle Bay and a Cenote (fresh water cavern). I cannot take credit for the sea turtle picture, but I did pay for it as part of the photo package so I feel entitled to post it. The snorkeling at Turtle Bay was right off the beach so the visibility was pretty poor.  The Cenote was a lot more fun. The Cenote (or Sacred Well) were entry points into an underground river where the natives were able to get freshwater. The freshwater was very clear and you could see a surprising amount under water. Since it was so dark I didn't get very many good shots, this was probably the best one (and still blurry), it was neat having natural openings that illuminated the cavern.  For