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Steamed Kale with Ginger and Garlic

Found this perfect recipe on one of the blogs I follow Serious Eats . It's a one skillet dish, I made a few modifications to end up with the nutritional facts I list below. I think constraining myself to 300 calories a box has been an interesting challenge in balancing flavor and textures and cutting corners on unnecessary calories. Here's the original Recipe , I've so few modifications I'm only posting my notes. First I went with six ounce pieces of cod which really was fine for one portion I cut the sesame oil in half to finish the dish rather and spritzed the pan with my  misto olive oil sprayer to quickly sauté the garlic and ginger (I was using a non-stick pan too). Sesame oil seems to be too fragrant to compete with garlic and ginger. I also opted to use Chinese Michu rather than the Japanese Mirin. Mirin tends to be a little sweeter, they didn't specify so I picked based on preference. Finally a note: watch the cooking time 5-7 mins depends on the