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Juice Cleanse Day 2

I didn't have any good photos to capture day two so you get this nice picture of a neat rock feature from my trip to Denver. I will say I wasn't terribly excited about day two. Kicking off the morning with hot water and lemon juice isn't the most pleasant way to wake up but it does wake you up. The morning's juice was not nearly as tasty as day one, it was made of celery, cucumber, pear and spiralina powder. I guess apple tends to be sweeter which helped with yesterday. Fortunately, there was a lot less volume to drink closer to 16 oz of liquid. I forgot to mention each mid morning we took milk thistle tincture in water with a chaser. This was suppose to be for healthy liver function. But I got a handful of walnuts and apples to help wash away the taste. Lunch was pretty good the juice was made of pineapple, apple, fennel, ginger and aloe juice. I was a bit fearful of the licorice taste of fennel but there was no trace of the flavor and I really enjoyed th

Juice Cleanse Day 1

Ok a bit off topic here, but I figured it's food related so if you're looking for another bento you'll have to wait until I get my new kitchen setup. In the meantime: So I stumbled on this video on Netflix called "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. Basically it's this Australian who travels across America and talked about this 60 day juice cleanse and chronicle the benefits he and other's he's met along the way have received. I found the documentary more anecdotal about these people's results and a little low on the facts and figures (I respond better towards factual evidence) but I got the point and it sounded like a neat idea. I found a book called "The Juice Diet" by Christine Bailey. I liked the book because they had a weekend, one week , and juice for life section depending on how much you wanted to commit to the plan. And each section had a shopping list (fair warning the shopping list was somewhat incomplete) and a full

Japanese Bento 2

As always it's been crazy and getting time to cook has not really happened for me. I'm just glad I've had two posts in a row about food I've cooked even if there's been a long break. It's been a while since I've done a Japanese traditional bento and I figure why not. Most everything I cooked was from a blog that helped inspire me when I first got started on this blog,  Just Bento  and sister blog Just Hungry . She's got a lot of wonderful recipes and even produced a book. Lots of great tips that I've followed (even applying to non Japanese foods). I've posted links to the recipes. For the main dish I made Chicken Nanban . I used chicken thigh meat and went with using my fryer since I had so much chicken to make. The original recipe called for pan frying, I'm not sure if using the fryer was actually worse or better in terms how healthy the dish is. Immediately after frying you cool the chicken in the Nanban sauce, which is a sweet,