TRIP: Faberge Eggs and another dinner at Blu

The ship has a standing Faberge egg collection (for sale of course) they range from $4000 to $35000 per egg. We got a history of the original Russian eggs up to modern day operations when Karl Theo Faberge passed away taking the egg legacy with him. He is survived by a daughter (Sarah) who helped create an egg but she chose to let the egg tradition pass with her father. Each egg is hand made and takes upwards of multiple years to create and is held to a high level of quality or they face the merciless hammer of Theo Faberge. If he was dissatisfied with the quality instead of allowing for correction he would take a hammer and smash it to bits and order the egg restarted.

This one is a blown lead crystal egg with a set of delicate butterflies that spin and dance to Tchaikovsky when you wind up the base. If there was an egg that I was to buy I think this would have been it. The wings on the butterflies were soon thin and delicate and the egg shows brilliantly in the light. Each of these eggs has several artisans working on them each applying their expertise to the egg before passing it to the next master. The level of coordination or precision necessary to avoid the "hammer" is mind boggling.

Back to sea and our second night at Blu featured some good eats. Starting at the top left going clock wise our appetizers start with a vegetable summer spring roll served with sweet and sour sauce. Sauteed Frog legs with chipotle chile sauce. The sauce had a nice sweet heat. Again I skipped dessert to get the smoked rainbow trout appetizer. The soup was a creamed whitebean soup with applewood smoked bacon.

My wife enjoyed the grilled beef tenderloin salad. I got the Charred Veal Loin with Cauliflower Puree. For dessert we got the Tiramisu.

We're having a great time, twelve days is going by quick!. Next stop St. Petersburg.


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