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Instant Pot Ribs over spam caulflowered rice

I gave in about a year ago on an instant pot. I know, I'm late to the game but, it certainly is a life changer for me. I've been traveling a whole lot as a consultant over the past 18 months and it didn't leave me much time for cooking (or posting) but I did find the convenience significant. And as a vegan at the beginning of that time there were lots and lots of dishes that the instant pot helped save significant amounts of time. I've since been allowed to return to regular meat eating which opened up a huge catalogue of things to cook. The one dish that I had been eyeing was ribs. Ok I'm going to be completely up front and honest here. The ribs were only a partial success and I'm going to explain it right now up front. The ribs were incredibly tender but my approach lacked a lot of flavor and that's because of a couple of mistakes. I should have doubled the amount of salt. I think you lose some of the salt in the cooking process.  Either skip the l