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Easy Win Bento

There once was a bento with the greatest of hope but something terrible went wrong. Twice there were attempts to recover it, even substitutions were considered but after a chain of colossal failures it was locked away forever to be known as "the bento that never was" (I considered the "bento that shall not be named" but I may try that as a theme one day). I mentioned in my last post I bought a cookbook from one of the owners of Masala Zone , "50 Great Curries of India" by Camellia Panjabi. I picked out four items and went to work giving it no thought since I've done Indian themes in the past. I prepped all of the food and created my cooking plan the day before just like any of my meal preps. And then..... I will state up front that I do not blame the book whatsoever. Several things contributed to "the great fall" 1) metric measurement conversion which were subsequently upscaled for 4x (so math error and cooking a dish at large scale

TRIP: London Part 3

Yes, I'm long since back and I've even got a bento that I've done queued up. So I quick post on my final days in London. The picture above is from the ancient city of Bath. It's an ancient Roman city that was the site of a restorative mineral spring. (no interesting food pictures) Went spent a day at Hampton Court Palace. We happened to be watching the series "The Tutors" and it was actually pretty nice to attach a back story to the names that we were reading about on the historical plaques. Granted we had not finished the series so there were a few spoilers. (we were only on King Henry's wife/queen #2) Anyhow a great find for us was a neat Lebanese restaurant called Mezzet . They had a delicious lunch special where you picked out an appetizer and a main for a very reasonable price. (We got more of course.) Above is the Lentil Soup my wife got. My appetizer was the Muhamara, a nut puree you eat it much as you would eat hummus. Very rich and fi