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Summer Daze, bentos to the rescue!

Ok we had a 2 week intermission, not my fault mind you :). With all of my wife's work craziness and the travel we decided to put off last week's bento to this week. (Course I had already made half of it.) I continue this week on the fruit theme, the heat here is abysmal and I can't fathom eating anything on the heavy side. Easy peasy, we start with a basic salad and a pear balsamic vinaigrette. Nothing fancy here, I needed to fill the space, and I had bagged salad from last week's bento to use up. We head to our soup course: we have a chilled Melon Ginger Soup. The recipe is courtesy of a local restaurant, "The East side Cafe", they pride themselves on an organic menu from a local farm they own and run themselves. I didn't get to taste the soup after the ginger got a chance to really sink in, but from the hint I got I'm sure the soup will be very good in the morning. Chopped cantelope, watermelon, and honeydew to give it texture and a bit of ginger t

Summer Lite

I'm back! I think life has settled a bit to allow me to return to some bento-ing. Today's bento started with some inspiration from my recent cruise vacation. My wife loved the various fruit based cold soups we had and wanted to share to yummy goodness. This spawned the idea of a light summer menu, nothing too flashy here just a nice respite from the harsh summer heat. We start off with a Cream of Strawberry soup. Very simple and delicious soup with a hint of sweetness. It's made as a copycat of the soup we had on board the ship. (they had other flavors too like blueberry, melon etc). I can only describe it like a less sweet lighter version of melted strawberry icecream. I know weird huh? The main entree was a baja fish taco/wrap. Self assembly required on this one some folks like a lot of green some folks don't. I used sable cod here a nice flaky white fish with a wonderful soft texture. I would have saved half the money by going with normal cod, but at the time there w