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Calling for ideas

Greetings from across the pond. So the previous post showed Big Ben and parlament from my last trip. This is the structure from which I took that aerial picture (I took this picture this trip). The London Eye is a giant ferris wheel that lets you get some really breath taking pictures of London. I'm told it's quite a site at night, so I might be going back. I came up with some neat themes for bentos, but I thought of an idea that would knock out two birds with one stone. Readers, submit me some theme ideas, I'd love your thoughts. If I choose to use your theme, i'll obviously post what I created, but add the recipes and any techniques I used to create it. I can't promise *when* I'll get to having time to do this, but I would enjoy the challenge. If I don't get anything, I'll dig up some more ideas :) Themes can revolve around a dish, country, or quirky idea.

Life, Work there's got to be a bento somewhere in there

Life and work have conspired against me and prevented me from making bentos. Now work is shipping me out for two weeks. I suppose between the 12 hour work days I'll find time to hatch up some new menus ideas and resume my bentoing. Maybe i'll post some culinary finds from London.