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Paleo Bento 2

I didn't really set a New Year's resolution but the standing order is for me to lose a bit of weight. Time has not been very helpful to me, it seems even going to the gym nearly every day all I'm doing is maintaining status quo. I've been trying a few supplements with mixed results. In the end diet is probably the biggest factor, even then I eat fairly healthy and don't really eat much in sweets. Anyhow, I'm trying to stick to low carb and lean protein so I hit up another Paleo Bento, so far probably the most sustainable "diet" I've been on to date, the no grain thing really bugs me since it keeps me away from my beloved quinoa. Anyone got a good successful sustainable diet I should look into please drop me a comment or email. To kick things off I started off with a spinach and beef mini burger. For filler I use spinach, mushrooms and onion and combine it with some lean 90/10 ground beef. I really liked the use of the veggies to give you the