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Curry in a Hurry Bento

As usual, I have to bow my head in shame for such a late post. This bento was produced last week, but as has been the usual mantra lately work and life obligations have kept me from making lunch for my eaters. I'm helping out with a friends wedding and another party so I'm still busy in the kitchen, just not doing anything exciting enough that I feel the need to take pictures and talk about it. Sadly, I was in a giant hurry to make lunch for this bento. I felt so bad about not getting to cook for such a while but I still had such a crunch on time that I couldn't really devote myself to a long planned out lunch. I picked a menu that I knew I could execute quickly and still keep light and healthy. Asian cuisine is good for the quick and healthy constraints and of course Thai is a favorite amongst my diners. In fact when I shouted over the cube walls, "hey I need a theme" there were quite a few chirps of "Thai, curry, Indian" seems like my audience had an A

Foodblogger Event: Haddingtons

This post is like two weeks late and even later trying to deliver content. Work and my personal life have picked up (mostly in a good way) and I've been delayed on doing bentos as well as writing out a few posts. Anyhow I was recently invited to visit one of Austin's newest restaurants: Haddingtons. It's aspiring to be Austin's first "Gastropub". What is a Gastropub you ask? If you've followed any of my posts while abroad in London you'll notice what was once labeled "pub grub" (fish and chips, shepherd's pie, all that comfort food feel you get when you think "pub") has somehow found new entrees such as sweetbreads, foie gras, and invariably truffle something or other. The hob nobbing of "higher end" food with pub offerings is what (as far as I can tell) a Gastropub, the art of bringing delicious uncommon food to the most common of places: a Pub. The decor was wonderful. Lots of wood and earth feel to it, but it was