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TRIP: London 2013 Pt2

I'm continuing my post of foods we had while in London. I'm now in the "vacation" phase of the trip. I say "vacation" in quotes because it was a whirlwind tour of London and surrounding areas so coming back I feel like I need a vacation from my "vacation". We had a lot of fun. Here's a shot of Big Ben and  Parliament shot from the London Eye. I got a steak and kidney pie at the Berry Bar at the hotel. They offer an afternoon tea service (if you can't get into the fancier Ritz afternoon tea down the street). So for those of you that haven't had "pie" think chicken pot pie where the crust encases a yummy stew of meats (in this case chopped steak and kidney) in a brown gravy. We went by Harrods and visited their food hall (one of my must do's when I come to London). The Pan Chai Sushi bar was revamped with a bigger menu and we had this BBQ duck and watermelon salad. Very tasty, the shredded duck must have been ei

TRIP: London 2013 Pt1

Ok more traveling, this time to London, first week for work (above is our view of Buckingham Palace from our office) and second week for vacation with my wife. Lots of pictures of a lot of different food, I've manage to cut the number of photos to the highlights of what and where we ate. I've put links to the various places just in case you're in the area and want to check out some of these places. Sorry in advance about some of the photos I shot everything using a Galaxy S3 mini android phone that I acquired while on this trip and it does a pretty good job, but under low light it gets a bit grainy. Got off the plane bright and early 6am and dropped my bags at the hotel. While there I started my trip off with a classic English breakfast. Bangers (sausage) mushroom, roasted tomato, potato cake, hash browns, vegetarian sausage (which was quite nice), eggs, beans (heinz I believe) and some black pudding (blood sausage, a little dry but tasty) Since my room wasn'