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No Theme bento

It's been a tough travel schedule over the last two months. I've got plenty of pictures to post, but seemingly no time to write. Take for instance this bento, I served it almost three weeks ago and am only now just getting time to post it. Not only that, I was so pressed for time I couldn't even think of a good theme to go with, so I just put together a few things that I've had on the back burner to try and hoped it all came out into a cohesive meal. I didn't do my usual critical eye on the recipes or source multiple versions so there are I've got plenty of links to the exact recipe I used instead of my usual frankenstein monsters. (which you can all have, just post in the comments that you want me to post a given recipe) I'll keep this post short so enough whining from me. The main protein of the meal is yet another sous vide pork tenderloin. I've managed to play this record without over playing since my cast of diners rotates and it's been h