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Things I'll Miss about Australia Pt 2

I had to rename the post to things I'll miss about Australia especially since this title picture is a panorama of Newcastle beach.  We actually visited Newcastle quite a bit. First about the beaches, so most beaches have have a shallow protected area for children and usually a concrete lap pool that is fed by the ocean waters. The water is very blue and beautiful. We really enjoyed Newcastle since it's a smaller city that has upgraded itself from the industrial coal harbor to be a bit more tourist friendly. You can walk from the Harbor side to the ocean beach side within five blocks. It reminds me of Austin in the late 90s, meaning small and slower paced. While in Newcastle take a walk on the ANZAC memorial walk. Check out Habesha Ethiopian restaurant in the Newcastle CBD. I was surprised to find an Ethiopian restaurant in the middle of Newcastle. Back to Sydney. World Square off Liverpool is an area we spent a lot of time especially because they had a Din Tai

Things I'll miss about Australia Pt 1

So I'm sitting here on our last full day in Sydney, Australia. It's hard to believe that two years have come and gone so quickly and yet here I am ready to return home. Without a doubt this has been one of the best experiences I've embarked on. Somehow it's appropriate that I found this picture of the sun setting on the Harbor (Harbour) bridge for my title shot. We visited a lot of places while we were here and got to experience a lot of food. I'm going to try to summarize the things I'll miss the most. (this might take two posts). I'll try to be specific about the places each photo was taken just in case someone wants a list of places to visit. Edit: I renamed the title, things I'll miss about Australia is more accurate than just Sydney. We're going to go back to front since we're hitting my phone's camera roll. Ok so fireworks, they LOVE fireworks here, pretty much every occasion has fireworks. During the summer for a period every