TRIP: Hawaii 2012 Day 5

Day 5 of my trip. Did some more snorkeling and got up close and personal with my frowny faced turtle friend. I plan on doing a morning snorkel to see what I can see before all the other guests cloudy up the water.

Sorry, the dolphin swim didn't allow us to take our own photos. I got this photo with one of the dolphins and a trainer. It was a fun experience, the dolphins have such great personalities. The two dolphins that we played with were the two newest moms. They would whistle to their young during our session and the little ones would swim across the pools and do a drive by on us.

The first two meals today were rather unremarkable. For breakfast we went to the breakfast buffet. The only unique thing was a chicken Jook (congee) the rice was cooked with a seasoned chicken broth that had some ginger in it. I'm going to have to recreate this as it was a very flavorful congee.

For dinner we went out to Hawi 45 mins north of our the resort to a great local restaurant called "Bamboo". We met the owner she was very nice and the the service was great, everyone came by to check on us. The place had a neat eclectic decor and had a gift shop at the front of the house full of local made arts and crafts. Upstairs featured a gallery with art by the owner as well as other locals. I highly recommend dropping by it's a pretty cool place.

To start we ordered their calamari they came in huge steak strips panko crusted and served with a pineapple pickled tartar sauce and a cocktail sauce.

Next we ordered a Chicken Sate (Satay) pot sticker. The "pot stickers" were wrapped with a wonton wrapper and steamed. The filling was a ginger peanut chicken mixture (I believe the chicken was pre-cooked otherwise the dumpling would have been a lot more like a meatball) all served in a sweet mint chili sauce. We loved this appetizer, very delicious. I'm going to have to make this for a bento.

Both of us went with the Monchong which was told to us to be "moonfish". Apparently I have not been eating "moonfish" all this time instead I've been eating "Ono" or "Wahoo". Monchong is not moonfish either, it's apparently a pomfret (which I've had quite often growing up). This white fish is a lot more flaky than Ono. At bamboo you pick their special catch of the day (today Monchong) or Ono (very plentiful around here) and select the preparation. My wife picked the "special" with fried artichokes, fried polenta in a champagne beurre blanc sauce.

I chose the Hawaiian Thai Monchong. The coconut curry sauce was reminiscent of a thin panang curry sauce served with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. Delicious, I recommend this preparation.

As we were walking back to the car we caught sight of this over the top outdoor Xmas decoration, we could hear the hum of a generator to support this light show.


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