Offtopic: Plug for Morroccan Kisses by The Flying Carpet

I don't usually do this sort of thing (pushing products) but I got an email asking for some help getting the word out on a holiday cookies/treat boxes that the fine folks at The Flying Carpet are producing just for the holiday season. As you may recall I got a chance to be their featured guest chef a while back and I've always had a special place in my heart for them. So for them, I'll make the exception!

The holiday cookies and treats look like they'll be just the thing to bring to you're gracious hosts that have worked hard to invite you to the various holiday feasts you''ll be attending. Besides you'll be supporting a local business and we all need a little bit more of that! And they look delicious.

Here are the details. (I'm working on getting a picture edit: got some photos):

(quote from email)

I am making a few cookie/treat boxes for Christmas. They are placed in beautiful gourmet cookie/holiday boxes with cards attached. Just buy and fuss! I only uses the finest spices, herbs and flavors available. Premuim EVERYTHING! My recipes are original and all my items are handmade. Patika Coffee carries all my cookies and the lemon cookies are featured in Tiffany Harelich's Trailer Food Diaries.

Cookie Box
The Cookies are called 'Morroccan Kisses'
Each box will contain 28 heart shaped cookies for $25.00

Lemon Kisses - Chewy ultra lemony sugar cookies topped a candied lemon rind
Sesame Almond Kisses - Crunchy sweet and savory
Dark Chocolate Salted Kisses - Butter cookie dipped Premuim quality dark chocoate sprinkled with Kosher Salt
Ginger Mint Kisses - Loaded with fresh mint and ginger these are a sweet subtle surprise!

Date Box
Mejool Dates from Bard Valley
The dates are stuffed with sesame almond butter and sprinkled with Kosher salt
Each box contains 15 for 18.00

You can order by emailing

(end quote)


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