Foodblogger Event: Vivo 2

Hey, real short post here. I was invited to Vivo's new second location to help them celebrate their grand opening. There was music, food and drinks a plenty. Lots of hospitable folks and even more guests, everyone from friends and family, investors, to us food bloggers. Guest bartender Tipsy Texan was on hand to serve us some very tasty drinks.

The space is tucked away in a strip mall shopping center, they're still working on signs and lights, but once I walked in I had to do a double take to make sure I was at the right place. The restaurant is darkly lit, but the decorations are colorful and really catch your attention, everything from the Graffiti art at the front, to the painting from San Antonio artists that cover the walls. This place definitely has character and isn't shy about making statments.

Vivo seems to be going for a adult themed type restaurant where folks can hang out listen to live DJs (as seen above in the dedicated DJ station) at the semi enclosed bar, or have a nice dinner in one of the many alcoves of booths and various segmented rooms. It's on the one hand very open and the other, very sectioned off. Music from the DJ is piped throughout the restaurant from the ceiling speakers, so no matter where you are you don't miss out on any of the lively entertainment.

Very sparce shot at foods I'm afraid, the lighting was very dark and was not great for taking photos, I managed to sneak one photo of the nachos in one of the smaller dining room before the whole place filled up. General description, everything I had was extremely yummy, and although everything was what you'd find normally in a tex-mex menu like nachos, taquitos etc, they managed to make a spin everything to taste light and more healthy feeling (alfalfa sprouts on nachos? interesting).

My favorite was the puffy taco I'm told it's one of their signature dishes. The taco shell basically disintegrated in a flaky puff as I took a bite. Crisp lettuce and onions, along with the very flavorful shredded chicken really made this an enjoyable little bite, something I'll be back to order.

I'm very excited that Vivo's moved into the north west part of town. I happen to live near the area and often bemoan the fact that all they have around here is chain restaurants. I'm very happy that a local "more up scale" type of restaurant is testing out the waters here, and I hope some of the Austin character will make it's way up here upon their success. If nothing else, I'm glad that I have another choice in happy hour destinations.

As always it's great to see my blogger friends, HungryEngineer, Apron Adventures, Maggie, Peter from Tasting Buds, DininginAustin, BootsIntheOven, EatthisLens, MisoHungryNow, FeteandFeast and a new friend AustinEpicurean. (whew long list, sorry if I left anyone out)


Lindsay said…
Great seeing you there too Jack! Definitely a hoppin scene with some tasty beverages. Agreed on the food, puffy tacos were the highlight. Unfortunately not as convenient a location for me, but I'm sure I'd go again if invited to an event, but probably not on my own.

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