Foodblogger Event: Elevation Burger

I was invited this week to a food writer/blogger event hosted at Elevation Burger. The featured speaker was Susan Leibrock from the Sustainable Food Center here in Austin. Our event was host Rob Faubion editor of Austin On Stage magazine.

Elevation Burger is a franchise owned by Danny Bone. Funny enough, I met Danny at my previous company as he was our insurance provider. As he mentioned this was his first venture into the restaurant business and he was very passionate and proud of Elevation Burger and what they were trying to achieve. This particular store was a complete Green build and he has applied for a Silver LEED Certification. (I know I had find a link to figure out what that meant too) Elevation Burger specializes in grass fed organic burgers while running an environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable business.

The burgers themselves are lower in calorie and fat than your regular corn fed burger due to the fact that the meat tends to be leaner. They feature a bun that is vegan made from potato flour, so if you order their vegi-burger it's actually a vegan burger. The french fries are cooked in 100% Olive Oil, very crisp and yummy. Everything had a pretty clean fresh taste to it, but I must confess that I like my burgers on the unhealthy side :) (more on that in a second)

Susan's speech on the Sustainable Food Center and their projects really opened my eyes about the organization, it's mission and the various neat programs they offer. I already knew they were the folks behind the local farmers markets. I didn't know that they offer quite a few programs to help people start community gardens, and help families with limit resources create strategies to eat healthier and reduce diet related diseases. It's a great cause and they have a variety of ways for people to participate, so if you find yourself able to help please do!

I had a great time loads, of old friends were there HungryEngineer, Addie Broyles, MisoHungryNow, AustinFarmtoTable, OrthogonalThought, Maggie (just to name a few) and met a new friend Peter from TheTastingBuds. At the end of the event Jennie had them put together a burger a little more my style:

nom nom nom


Unknown said…
So where is this place?
Ironjack said…
Welcome Will! I'm assuming your the WillMc I know. Good to hear from ya.Thanks for coming to visit.

Excellent Question!
Corner of Jollyville and Great Hills Trail next to the Texadelphia

Great Hills Market
9828 Great Hills Trail
Austin, TX

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