Flavor Tripping with the BerryFairy

So tonight I flavor tripped with the famous BerryFairy. It was hosted at the Belmont bar here in downtown Austin. I won't go over the berry again but you can read about it here.

Our wonderful host tonight was none other than the BerryFairy pictured with her friend and business partner Lea. There was a wonderful turnout, I was hoping to see some of my fellow food bloggers but didn't spot any familiar faces. The response was popular enough that it warrented an encore performance this Friday so if you get a chance sign up!

Ok on to the spread. We had a wide array of foods to try: goat cheese, brie, salt and vinegar chips, tomatos, it was a strange bedfellows of foods but the selection was designed to show off the strange powers of the miracle berry. I guess this picture of my plate will tell you how strange a sampling we had.

It's difficult to explain exactly the tasting experience. We start with a berry and the instructions to chew on the fruit for two mins and wait for max potency at 10 mins. My buddies Cliff and Les dutifully chewed on the fruit, I have a feeling part of it was to have everyone look like idiot gerbels swishing chewing on this little city. None the less the 2 mins paid off almost immediately. The lemons and limes taste like lemonade and limeade. The pickled jalepeno, were sweet but still spicy. I didn't get the cheese as they still tasted the same for me. The stars of the plate were the plum tomatoes, strawberries and the tomatillos. The tomatillos tasted like giant white grapes! I could not believe it. The tomatoes were like giant sugar bombs and the strawberries tasted like the most impossibly ripe and sweet strawberries I've ever tasted. I tried a few from various tasting stations and they were all the same. Salt and vinegar chips smelled of vinegar but was like popping sugar chips in my mouth. A table companion ordered a well tequila and it was possibly the smoothest tequila I've tasted, dangerously smooth.

I'm happy I got to experience the miracle berry first hand. I bought some of the "tables" so I can host a party. Thank you BerryFairy for the good times!


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