Event: Miracle Berry in Austin

Hi all. A lot of my friends have been talking about the "miracle berry" or "food tripping". There's a local Austin event happening and I wanted to get the word out since so many of you have asked about organizing a party (yes at some point I'll still have one at my place). Well this one is for a good cause!

Thank you Berry Fairy for inviting me :) I'll be there hope to see you guys too

Flavor Tripping Party with The Berry Fairy

WHAT: The Berry Fairy is bringing Miracle Berry Flavor Tripping to Austin, TX.
A portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the local charity We
Are Learning.

Miracle berries are a native West African fruit that have an extraordinary
effect when consumed. The "miracle" is that everything sour and bitter
eaten afterwards will taste sweet for up to 2 hours. Lemons will taste like
lemonade, vinegar like apple juice, goat cheese like cream cheese
frosting, and stout beers like chocolate milk!

Admission includes one miracle berry and a bacchanalian banquet of
foods specially selected for the flavor tripping. Tito’s Vodka will be
sponsoring a mad-mixologist vodka bar for guests to create their own
taste-defying tonics.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 29, 2009 from 6:00-8:00pm.

WHERE: The Belmont, 305 West 6th Street Austin, TX 78701. For more information
about The Belmont, please visit http://www.thebelmontaustin.com/

COST: $40. Tickets will be available online through Paypal at
www.theberryfairy.com. The event is expected to sell out.


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