Travels: London 2010

Work sends me out now and again to our various offices. I'm out currently visiting our offices in London, Paris, and Marseilles. Unfortunately for my London leg of the trip I kept forgetting to bring my camera so you'll have to suffer with my low-res iphone pictures. Above is the child of one of my coworkers that are traveling with me, he sucking on a bag of chicken casserole. Yeah, that was my first reaction "Chicken casserole puree huh". I seem to remember seeing things like pureed peas and carrots, but chicken casserole? There was a suggestion that I do a post on trying some of these. All I mustered was a "um. yeah maybe". None the less it was a cute picture and the "bag o sippy food" seemed like a good related picture.

I've been to London quite a few times so I've hit most of the normal stuff even tracking down some haggis two years ago. The one place I *always* go to is the food hall at Harolds (a really famous department store) they get everything and have the most impressive array of, well, everything from cod roe to cured sausages from all around the world. My favorite is to hit the sushi bar and grab some uni (sea urchin)

I spent most of the time checking out all these gastro-pubs all the rage these days. The food at these pubs are quite amazing, I really hate that I didn't get to snap more pictures of the food we had. Above we'll start with the more common food that you expect out of "pub grub". On the left you see a burger with blue cheese and egg and onion rings on top (I didn't eat that). The thick cut chips were very delicious nice amount of crisp with what tasted like a creamy mashed potato in the center. We were at the Queen's Head in Hammersmith, the guys told me they had the best fish and chip in Hammersmith. I really wanted the braised pork belly or the lamb shank (I got that else where). I really couldn't argue with them, the batter was light yet substantial. The fish was a really thick cut of cod, easily 1.5 inches thick (just the fish).

They also featured some interesting shared plates to the left you'll see a nice plate of snacks, Lamb sliders, serrano ham, mini sausages, hummus with vegetables, gherkins and pita, finishing up with broiled Pork belly (up at the top I managed to snap this photo before they were all snapped up). Next we have a plate of breaded and fried Camembert with cranberry relish. Very rich and something that really needs to be shared.

The visit was a lot of fun, I may have enjoyed the bars a little too much. The office was very hospitable, to the point where we went out every night. (friday hit me the hardest) I bid my Londoner coworkers good bye and stepped onto a train bound for Paris. I'll post about my stay here later (I remembered my camera this time)


Unknown said…
What a cute little baby with such a sophisticated palate!
Ironjack said…
a handsome young man indeed. I'm seriously considering the baby food taste trials. Where do you get your food in a pouch?

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