Supermarket Sweep Gluten Free Bento

We're staying with the recession cooking blues this week. Today we let our local grocery store help tell me what we should eat (cheap). I've taken advantage of the "buy this and get all this free" in previous bentos, but i've never really made a full meal off what they offered. Literally, I saved $16 dollars from coupons! Unfortunately, this bento presents very little in the way of photos and new recipe innovations (save one, hence the picture of the beans). You would be surprised how much food you can get if you look at the local Sunday flyer for your grocery store.

Today's bento features what my local grocery story thinks of as a Texan Easter dinner. That means Brisket, salad with ginger sesame dressing, spicy charro beans and corn chips. I added in the free texas toast as a sandwich option for the folks not afraid of gluten. Once again I'm amazed at what it takes to fill lunch box on the cheap today's bento bring us in at $3.64 which helps make up for our previous deficits.

Ok the only innovation today was the spiced up charro beans. Amazing I say! Very simple, and it uses a minimal amount of extra components. Done and Done. I diluted with water to get the salt content down. I'm still stunned at the idea that you can get some canned beans, bottled salsa, and spices on hand to get something so tasty and not bad for you.

Another food blogger event tomorrow, look for the post. In the mean time my thought is, "just because the economy stinks, it doesn't mean we can't eat well"

Box Contents
  • Beef Brisket
  • Salad with Ginger Sesame Dressing
  • Spiced Up Charro Beans
  • Corn Chips


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