Birthday Bento

Special bento today. It's my wife's birthday tomorrow, so I figured on making a special bento just for her. Pulled out the stops and splurged a bit on the menu. Hopefully a great week to start birthday week. Well on to the box.
We'll start with the sides: First up we have Steamed Vegetables with a ginger miso dressing. I've latched onto the wonders of pre-bagged veggies that you toss into the microwave. They even have this one brand that also have a couple of slots of butter so that when you finish microwaving it's all done for you. What a great idea and timesaver. I'll have to re-use this one.

Our second side is a Lobster salad with tarragon and chives. Picked up a couple of frozen lobster tails and put this little number together. I could easily have substituted chicken in place of this for a more budget conscious menu item. Note to self: a little tarragon goes a *long* way.

For the main course we have Filet Mignon with a shitake wine sauce. Pretty self explaining, Found the basis for the recipe online somewhere and had bookmarked it. Did a bit of tweaking to get it more to my taste, but very appropriate with a nice hunk of steak.

And for dessert I had to dress it up a bit, some tuxedo chocolate dipped strawberries to end the bento on a sweet note. I think dipping the 5 or so strawberries took the most time of all of my bento items. All well worth it of course. And since I was only cooking for one I have plenty of left over for myself :)

Box Contents
  • Fillet Mignon with Shitake wine sauce
  • Lobster salad with taragon and chives
  • Steamed Vegetables with Ginger miso dressing
  • "Tuxedo" chocolate covered strawberries


Lunch Buckets said…
What a wonderful birthday lunch! Was it a surprise for her? That would be awesome :)
Ironjack said…
yes :) she insists not to see the next day's bento so she can be surprised like the rest of my eaters. The bento went over well she enjoyed the lobster best of all!
Julie said…
What a treat! I'm drooling over the strawberries, they look wonderful!
Ironjack said…
:) thanks for visiting! She's taking the extras in as treats to share on her actual birthday today

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