Good for what ails ya

No bento this week. The wife was ill (my fault, got it from the guys at work). What better way to aid in recovery than to make some homemade chicken noodle soup. Simple as it may sound it is a time intensive soup to produce if you want to do it right. My wife of course is worth every minute, so no complaint here :)

A good soup always starts with a good stock. The added benefit of course is you're cooking the chicken you'll be using for the soup. Standard stuff here, chicken (of course), celery, thyme, carrots, peppercorn, and bay leaf. I cut some time out of it by only simmering the stock for an hour, as opposed to an hour and a half. I didn't want the chicken to fall apart in shreds.

On to assembling the soup. Simple here, lots of the same veggies that went into the stock are chopped fresh. Gotta remember to pull out the thyme and bay leaf at the ends but all you do is dump the whole thing in and put the noodles in at the last second. I think I ended up with like 3 quarts of soup. mmm mmm good.

Hopefully we're get to a regular bento soon. Stay tuned.


Julie said…
The soup looks great. Almost makes you want to be sick. But not quite.
Ironjack said…
Thanks for coming by. Yeah we have 1 more quart left (not bad for 1.5 days) we're getting a bit souped out. It's definitely a keeper if we have to excise the germ demons.

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