High Fiber Diets

Welcome back! And thanks to all who visited me over the break. It's a new year, and finally I've been able to produce my first bento. Over the break we shifted gears towards a new diet, we're aiming for a high fiber, low fat diet, now this kind of falls in line with the existing low glycemic index diet but it releases a few restrictions on the carb side and changes some of the ingredients I can and cannot use. Basically it works like this, increase consumption of soluble and insoluble fiber helps with keeping your insulin level stable. This is pretty much simliar to the low glycemic diet's philosophy. The harder it is to break down foods the more even the release of energy into the body. Soluble fiber has a second benefit in that it's been shown to also help with increasing the good cholesterol. So all in all it requires me to be a little more vigilant about my recipes and rethink my planned menus a bit. Anyway for my first bento, I wanted to try to crank out something flavorful and showcase how a high fiber diet isn't as bad/bland/boring as it sounds.

Let's start with the main dish, it's an modified indian dish called Khichadi. Khichadi is a rice and mung bean dal with a nice variety of spices. Very enjoyable as a side or a main dish, but I really wanted to get some form of meat protein for some amount of good hearty feel. I cubed up some sirloin and tossed it in a similar makeup of spices as the dal, but added a bit of cumin to give it some contrast in flavor.

To continue with the zesty flavors I roasted some new potatoes with a healthy dose of spice. This is a new item that a low glycemic diet normally does not allow (at least from what I could tell), but with the skin on it qualifies under the high fiber diet.

This next side I really wanted to give some contrast in texture from the rest of the dishes, I needed some crunch and a bit of lightness because starches tend to feel a bit heavy. I sauteed up some snow peas and tossed in some water chestnuts, for a bit more variety I threw in some oyster mushrooms. Light crisp and delicious and a nice change of color for the bento.

People like sweets. One of the big killers on any diet is the restrictions on sweets. I really wanted to be able to come thru with something that satisfied the sweet tooth and still fit inside the plan. So I packed in this white chocolate and cranberry "haystack". Usually haystacks are made with chow mein noodles, fried badness. I found a recipe that provided a variant using a fiber cereal. It was light on the chocolate and the additional sweetness is provided by the dried cranberries.

The box went over well, but we had a lot of substitute eaters this time around as a portion of the lunch crowd were not in the office but were kind enough to abdicate their bentos to coworkers :) It's been educational for me, and I still need to scramble for more recipes and creations. Bentos will be a little slow to start for this year, I'm ratcheting down to 1 a week for the time being as we'll be moving this month and work has really been killing me. So I'll apologize in advance for the slow posts, I'll try to think up some more tips that I can add in.

Anyone have any good websites on high fiber recipes?

Box contents:
  • Khichadi with spiced sirloin
  • Spicy roasted new potatoes
  • Stir fried snow peas with water chestnuts and oyster mushrooms
  • White chocolate haystacks with craisins


Cyndi said…
You are brilliant. I've been depriving me of one of my favorite sweet things (we call them Chinese Chewies), and you've come up with a way to lighten them and add fiber. Thanks so much. High fiber recipes? Hmm - I'd look for recipes with beans and lots of fresh veggies. I once though I would just add powdered Benefiber to things, but would rather use fresh veggies.
Ironjack said…
Awesome, glad you got something useful out of the site. (though I can't take complete credit for the idea) I think being creative when it comes to healthy diets is the best way to stick to them. Thanks for coming to visit! Hopefully I can find more stuff to make for next week :)
Lunch Buckets said…
allrecipes.com has over 5000 recipes in the "High-Fiber" sub-section under "Healthy Living". Would surely be a good place to start anyway!
Cici said…
Great site! I am now a regular subscriber-- these are so inspirational! What cookbooks are you using? Thanks!
Ironjack said…
Hi Lunch buckets, thanks for the pointer to allrecipes, I'll have a look. Thanks for dropping back by.

Welcome Cici! Glad to have another reader. Cookbooks? well I'm not really using any cookbook to crank out the meals I've done thus far. They are usually an amalgam of a few recipes and tweaks in order to fit it inside the dietary restrictions. I've found many food sites to be very helpful recipezaar, foodnetwork. Also the various bento blogs have been very helpful in ideas and presentation. (mental note, I need to put up a links section on the blog). I've been collecting my recipes and their tweaks in my little binder. I've got friends offering to help me publish it online :) maybe someday.

In the meantime, i've tried to point people in the right direction (like the pumpkin crepes) or mine my own brain for responding to emails (granted I'm no professional, but I'll do the best I can). So if you have any questions fire away! I try really hard to respond to every comment I see popup.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work.

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