Life is in the hyper fast lane

Boo. Work is very busy, we're trying to pack up a house (we decided to move and picked out a house all in 2 weeks), and my wife's coworkers are all traveling at work, so no bentos for this week. But I leave you with a picture of a hibiscus flower that I took while in Taiwan, not quite a food post but relevant to the theme for next week's box which is Polynesian. There's some goodies in the next box I think the flavors will come out pretty good.

I scrambled again on these recipes and feel a little disappointed at myself for not being very organized this week. As a side note so I can tag this post under "yammering" I've had a great deal of difficulty re-designing my bentos. I thought it would be easier than low glycemic, but with low glycemic I was able to go off a list of low glycemic friendly food list which is how I could measure my recipes. I'll ponder upon this as I pack up the house tonight.


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