Wraps a go go

So With all of my bentos I post a little index card at the front describing the contents, any inspirations I had creating the menu for the box, and of course any serving and heating instructions. It's kinda like mom's note to their kids in the lunch box, hopefully it's not too campy for my eaters. There wasn't much in theme going into this box, I was originally going for some sort of Thanksgiving theme with the turkey wrap and optional cranberry dressing, but since the rest of the items didn't match I kinda gave up on a theme so tried to work with colors and stay in the healthy rules.

Box Contents:
  1. Turkey spinach wrapped in a Sundried tomato wheat Tortilla with a side of cranberry dressing.
  2. Whole wheat penne tossed in Pesto and pine nuts
  3. Baby carrots
  4. Gingerbread men sandwitching Milano cookies
  5. Vegetable Barley soup (not pictured)


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