Classic Japanese Bento

So this was the original first bento I wanted to do for my eaters. It's a classic Japanese bento box. I did away with most of the compartments to give me more space, so the silicon muffin cups came in really handy this time around.

I got to use my handy egg molds too. Yes that white heart is actually a hard boiled egg! Some of the blog sites had mentioned using x-large eggs so it would fill the mold, but I found that the x-large eggs actually burst when I tried to mold them, so when I stepped down to a large size egg it fit perfectly.

The larger sauce container contains ponzu sauce for the gyozas, the smaller containers contain plain soy sauce. I liked that there was a nice balance of colors from the food and the various hardware I put into the box, it makes it more fun to shoot and no doubt more pleasing to eat.

I cheated this time around and packed in some instant Miso for a soup. In order to do this many boxes, (2 days worth 6 people each) I'm going to need to learn how to cut corners.

Box Contents

  • Maki or rolled sushi this is my mother's recipe while growing up, it has egg, pork sung and chinese pickle.
  • Homemade pork gyozas
  • Edamame beans with sea salt
  • Onigiri (rice ball) - Pork sung in the center with some cod roe furikaki
  • Hard boiled egg
  • Mochi with red bean paste covered by a cherry leaf (store bought)


Gledwood said…
Oooo this looks SO yummy!!
Great blog you got here!
You came up on Blogger Play!
All the best to you!

"Vol 2"...
ps come by mine someday! You're most welcome!!
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