Early Happy Thanksgiving from Down Under!

One of my friends gathered all of us expats and folks that formerly resided in North America to celebrate an early Thanksgiving dinner. It's kind of weird having Thanksgiving where the day before was 108F and there aren't turkey's at the grocery stores. But I was thankful to be able to celebrate with new friends.

It was a great dinner, very healthy and vegetarian friendly as turkey day dinner goes. We had (from the left): Tomato mac and cheese, Sesame sautéed green beans, Tofu Turkey, Smoked turkey, Cornbread stuffing, Lemony Brussel Sprouts, Shiitake truffle quinoa pilaf, Mandarine Spinach salad with vinaigrette,  and Carrot and Cauliflower mash. For dessert, pecan pie squares and pumpkin pie (like from a real pumpkin not the can.)

What a delicious meal! The only thing we were missing was a football game on the television so we could pass out from all the food. It was a great way to quell that homesick feeling from being away for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving yall!


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