TRIP: Copenhagen Denmark

Our last port of call before returning to home port, Copenhagen Denmark. I'm not sure whether to classify this as our last stop or the stop before last.

I saw this sign on while we were walking down the street.... 'Nuff said yarr.

The big attraction we decided to hit was Tivoli Garden. This amusement park/regular park is very popular destination (especially with the beautiful summer weather) it has a lot more green space sitting area for people to lounge on unlike the amusement parks in America. This is the second oldest amusement parks in the world (built in 1843).

In fact Walt Disney modeled his Disney world parks after the Tivoli park. This is a shot of the Asian themed area of the park.

There were lots of green spaces and where park go-ers can sit and listen to music (a couple of open air theaters). This is a shot of the Mrs. Peacock herding her babies.

Denmark is the home of my favorite toy Lego! Lego seems to distribute all of its models all over the world so I was disappointed that I wasn't able find anything unique to bring home. I hope to come back one day and visit the factory.

Troll goblin thing. I don't know, it was just out there on the street.

We ended our tour with a late lunch at Cafe Norden. One last chance at a Smørresbrød (danish open sandwiches): Egg and shrimp, Homemade chicken salad, Pork loin with red cabbage. Once again very filling. I liked the rye bread, it was more like a multi whole grain shaped into a toast like thing rather than "bread".

I got the "three burgers": smoked salmon, beef and salmon.

I wish we had a little more time to explore Copenhagen, we missed out on Royal residence and crown jewels, but it was a short port call so we had to pick and choose. We'll just have to come back.


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