A new kind of box: Paleo bento 3

So we've been doing this 21 day Challenge from Snap Kitchen. It's pretty simple, they have this 21 day menu depending on how many calories and diet you wish to keep to and you just show up every three days and they load you up and off you go. You can choose from various diets such as paleo, low carb, vegetarian, no dairy. It's all gluten free and pretty tasty (albeit it gets old after 21 days). Anyhow it's definitely convenient and takes the stress away from worrying about calories. You get five meals a day and you can do easy substations if there are items on the list you don't like. (they replace by calorie count). I'm doing the 1500 calorie challenge and after 21 days I did lose 10 pounds. Of course my problem is that I want to start cooking for myself and that meant re-inventing the box in "eating in a box".

So I present my first attempt at two boxes, I stayed on the gluten free side (not for any particular reason other than there was only one substitution) and dairy free. I got most of these recipes from magazines clippings and derived my calorie and nutritional counts by doing some portion addition/subtractions to stay in bounds. I tried to keep each box to within the 300 calorie boundary. Going forward I'll probably do one meal boxes (rather than two) And since i'm only doing one or two dishes into a box I'll more than likely link to or post the recipe I ended up with.

The first box is vegetarian, Crispy Glazed Tofu with Bok Choy. My wife really liked this dish, the sauce for the tofu was sweet and very much like a "sesame chicken".

To add some filler to the first box I paired the tofu with a thyme roasted radish and leeks. Total calorie count for the box was 293 per box, and gluten free.

For the second box, the vegetable was a roasted cabbage with chive vinaigrette. I cut the portion on the vinaigrette down to save on some calories.

To add some protein, I sous vide some flank steak in a miso marinade. I was at first afraid that cooking in the marinade may over power the meat, but even over night the steak came out perfectly seasoned. I sous vide the flank steak for 24 hours it came out very tender. Total calorie count for this box was 332 calories (just over)

Box(es) contents:

  • Miso marinaded flank steak
  • Roasted cabbage with chive vinniagrette
  • Crispy glazed tofu with bok choi
  • Thyme roasted radish and leeks


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