TRIP: Boston 2013 Day 3

We had half a day left in Boston and it happened to be Easter Sunday so our friends helped get seats at their favorite brunch spot near their place, T.W. Food by chef Tim Wiechmann. (The picture above was from our duck tour of Boston the night before)

The restaurant was a small 12 top labeled as a New American/ New French cuisine featuring local ingredients. The staff was very knowledgable and professional. The restaurant was tucked away right in the middle of the neighborhood.
I'll just dive into the food there's not much commentary to be had. I opted for the Charcuterie plate with Chicken liver mousse, mushroom pate, whole grain mustard and pickled vegetables.

I know I said New French, my wife got the Italian Wedding Soup, it's a very different style than we were use to. The poached egg was quite good.

Our friends got the sweet potato pierogi with cilantro pesto.

For my entree I got the Spring Lamb, slow roasted leg of lamb with braised shoulder over white corn polenta. The lamb was quite tender and flavorful.

My wife went with the Duck Confit with roasted cauliflower quinoa and yellow oyster mushroom. This is her usual pick if it shows up on the menu. We've had good and bad duck confit and this was one of the best. The skin was nice and crispy and the meat was very succulent.

Our friends went with the duck and the "Lasagna De Verdure", pesto based lasagna (versus tomato sauce) with spinach and asparagus. I really liked this, seems like a fresh healthier alternative to traditional lasagna.

Dessert round: My wife got the Cinnamon Panna Cotta it had some candied ginger and almond streusel on top. I really enjoyed this dish, there is just a hint of cinnamon which was perfect because cinnamon can be quite overwhelming.

Our friends got the Budino (I know an italian dessert) chocolate custard. Very rich.

Since i'm not a dessert guy I opted for the artisanal cheese plate that featured a gorgonzola dolce and the comtè les granges (the hard cheese, which had a nutty flavor to it.)

With that we left for the airport and our quick trip to Boston was over. It was a whirlwind of adventure and fun big thanks to our friends who took so much time out of their lives to show us around this fabulous city!


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