NIAB: Dinner at Tag in Denver Colorado

So I'm in Denver for work and my friend/coworker told me he'd take me to a foodie worthy place to eat. So we went to Tag, above is a picture of their logo. The menu looked really tasty and I was all in to go. The menu is small but that just means they have time to really focus on some good food. I don't know much about the restaurant but my friend mentioned it was in the top 10 of Denver. Who am I to argue? The restaurant is a cozy place with plenty of smaller nooks for couples to feel a sense of privacy and an more open area where tables are right up next to one another.

To start we got the Kobe Beef Sliders with Gorgonzola Aioli and Shallot Confit this was served with "Duck Fat Fries". The fries had a sweet, salty with a bit of heat very delicious, the fries (after being fried) were tossed in a bit of duck fat. The sliders were very very tasty, great flavor. My friend mentioned it was a bit unfortunate to think about grinding up Kobe beef, but the results were very delightful.

For my main I ordered the Colorado Lamb Loin. It came with a cipollini onion config wild mushrooms (oyster, chanterelle, and one more I can't remember) butternut squash and schezuan glaze (yeah that's how they spelled it). Ok I believe hands down this is the best preparation of lamb that I can recall. Holy Cow err Lamb.

My friend ordered the Local Hanger Steak with truffle herb watercress salad, pueblo fingerling potatoes, gorgonazola and balsamic miso syrup. I'm not much of a starch eater but my friend was right, with the balsamic miso syrup this was very tasty. The steak itself was extremely well prepared and had a wonderful very rich meat flavor (the best description I could come up with) Beautiful presentation and absolutely delicious. I now understand why hanger steak was described as "the cut of meat butchers usually reserve for themselves rather than selling". Wow, hanger steak sous vide is coming up next.

I skipped dessert but my friend got this Chocolate Dacquoise, basically a layered chocolate cake with a melt in your mouth caramel layer. My friend seemed to enjoy it and really enjoyed the raspberry sauce that went with it.

Ok short and sweet, I just felt the need to capture this wonderful dinner. If you get to downtown Denver anytime it's a treasure trove of wonderful dining establishment, I wish I had a bit more time here to explore.


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