They can't all be winners

All of my bentoers were out except for my wife. She opted for simply putting together what we have on hand. So it's not pretty but it does get a fairly healthy lunch out the door to nourish her.

As part of our gluten-free initiative, we've learned to stock the fridge with pre-cooked "building blocks". Pre-boiled pasta, various proteins, corn tortillas, baked GF bread, bags of salad, you get the idea. This certainly makes it an easier since dining out has become a touch more difficult and better on our budget since usually our first inclination when the fridge is empty is to go out.

I still have a ways to go when it comes to providing some snacks, particularly of the sweet variety so that we don't turn to really bad junk food. Just because you're gluten free, it doesn't mean you're automatically eating healthy. If you stick with all the pre-packaged stuff you'll end up gaining a ton of weight (surprising to see the labels).

Anyways back to lunch. I had a nice pork tenderloin that I had made for dinner/rest of week. I combined that with some of the corn spaghetti pasta we already had sitting in the fridge and some basic tomato sauce. Nothing to special but still a decent light lunch.

More to come: I'll be posting my promised post on the orion cooker here shortly.


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