As promised my "borg" pumpkin. 2 harddrives gave their lives to make it happen :). My wife carved the Jack "the pumpkin king" pumpkin. I've got a fun bento coming up stay tuned!


BlueFrogJ said…
Wanted to pop in and say thanks for stopping by Not Exactly Bento. Love the Cyborg Pumpkin. Very creative! Your bentos are great too. How do you like the laptop lunchbox? I don't own that one and I think it looks quite interesting.
Ironjack said…
Hey! Thanks for dropping by! You know, I love the laptop lunchboxes. Easy to clean, and I like how you can optionally remove components to make room for big stuff or create more compartments by using silcone cups instead. Because I'm cooking for a few people having a standard box helps in churning them out.

My *only* complaint. The lids have warped over time. I don't think the dishwasher for the outer container is a good idea the plastic is thinner than the inner containers. They still close just not perfectly.

I should get paid for such an endorsement :) no I'm not a shill I promise.

Thanks again for dropping by. I'm hoping to add a blogs followed soon as there are so many wonderful blogs, i'll make sure you're on that list :)

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