Curry on my Mind (Thai Bento 2)

I've been having this craving for curry, not just any curry, but a nice Thai green curry. Of course this quickly translated into a fully formulated Thai (part 2) bento. It also just so happened that my local grocery chain was running some special on shrimp, obviously this was a sign that I had to make some Gaeng Keow Wan with Shrimp.

I will say this bento really almost did me in. I think I traversed the city twice to find everything. Everywhere I went, it was either sub par ingredients, or trusted sources for ingredients that were completely out. I think I burned more on gas than I did on the ingredients for this bento but 6 hours of shopping later I was ready to begin.

I love green curry, it's mild and has a hint sweetness to it. There's many variations to the ingredients, I used a bit of what was on hand and tossed the shrimp into it. I think the core must haves are: coconut milk, green curry (of course) and the basil. Everything else seems fairly negotiable. I would have stewed in some eggplant but I thought it would get repetitive with the side dish.

Can't have a proper curry without jasmin rice. I decided to make it more tasty and make it a coconut rice. I only hesitated because how fatty coconut milk is granted, there are studies that show that the fat in coconut milk is actually good for you, I still opted for using light version of the coconut milk (as I did with the curry). Still very tasty and at least I shaved off a few calories and more importantly fat. I used a rice cooker for this endevour which ended up turning out ok (I had to hit the button and go thru 2 cooking processes) but it might be more reliable to use the stove next time I use something other than straight water for rice.

For a side, I had a recollection of this wonderful Stir fried Eggplant with Basil at a Thai restaurant I had visited a few years back. I had to introduce that goodness to my eaters. I think I got it right, I probably should have cut back on the cornstarch and made the sauce a tad thinner. Still good though.

Dessert consists of something southeast asian region is really known for: exotic and fresh fruits. I wanted to end the meal with something light and palate cleansing but at the same time interesting. This is actually a very simple dessert. I poached some star fruit in orange juice and introduced a mango puree at the end. It's a great blend of citrus-y flavor with a smooth semi-sweet taste of mango.

Hopefully my eaters enjoyed the meal, I know I will be enjoying some more curry tonight when I get home :). Thanks for stopping by!

Box contents:
  • Thai Green Curry with Shrimp
  • Coconut Rice
  • Stir fried Eggplant with Basil and Garlic
  • Poached Star Fruit with Mango Puree


swan said…
Ironjack, you're a bit of a tease. You put all of this lovely looking food on your blog, but give no real detail of how to prepare it. How are we to duplicate the tastiness, my friend?
Ironjack said…
:) sorry for the tease. My goal of the blog is to chronicle my bentoing, practice my food photography, and cook with the practice of staying in a budget and not be yet another food recipe site. That all said, I'm happy to post any requested recipes for anything that I post in the comments (with the exception of my dad's guarded recipes ;) ) if someone would like them. So please request away what would you like to see?

You're not the first request, I'm contemplating someway to click into a recipe (so they don't detract from the site)

Thanks for comming by and please keep the comments going!
Julie said…
I've not been a big curry fan in the past (yeah, I know I shouldn't admit that), but I've probably not had anything prepared correctly. Your bento looks great, as usual :)
Ironjack said…
I generally like all sorts of curry, but thai curry is very different than the middle eastern/indian curries in flavor that it's one of my favorites.

Thanks for dropping by! Try some curry!

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