Food for the masses

Ok I exagerate it's a good few people. Sorry for the sparce postings, my work is killing me and life's been a bit hectic.

One of the things I'm learning to deal with is figuring out how to put together all these lunches so that I'm not working all night getting it all ready. It really requires a bit of forethought and factory like mentality. Above you'll see a shipped box. Everything is wrapped nicely compartmentalized so that no sauces spill. I don't always use every compartment. On the weeks that I don't I get to pre-plate for the next day saving me a smidgen of work. In the end, for feeding five people it's not all bad, my initial endevour was to cook only for my new wife. That idea presented it's own challenges towards menu planning, it's hard to buy for a portion of one. How do you re-use your ingredients? Course there are lots of bento blogs that serve as a good resource for that problem. So going down the path to actually cook for more saves me a lot of waste and allows me to have more varied menus. The only hurdle on this "flip side" is still portioning, how do you make sure the recipes would accommodate five portions? If the recipe doesn't how do you scale it? I guess that's why I have my blog to try and put those experiences on e-paper.

Keeping track of the color schemes so everyone gets the right box is probably is a minor pain too :) I keep a map on the table. What I choose in my menus is actually influenced by how I can use the box space and what containers I can retain so I can pre-plate for day 2.

It managed to work itself somehow week after week and we end up with our final product boxed and shipped. I do miss doing my bentos at the same time, it's good to take a break and restart the planning for the next year.


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