Quinoa what? New food experiment!

Sorry a dull looking lunch, I promise it was remarked as tasty. I was going for a higher healthy factor this time. My friend explaining the health benefits of Quinoa, I of course had to go and do some research on this grain and promptly incorporate it into a bento. I ran out of room on this box I took over the utensils slot and put in the asparagus. Now that I'm looking at it composition wise I think There's a little too much brown and orange.

Tried to save some time and effort with this box. I bought a pre-roasted chicken from the store and defrosted some pesto from a previous box and put together some fresh mozzarella and tomato into a sandwich, the bread is a low cal low carb bread. Note to self to make 5 sandwiches you don't need a whole chicken. Half a chicken would do fine.

Next came the Quinoa, I pulled a recipe for a shitake quinoa pilaf. I had some fears on using such an unknown ingredient but the recipe turned out quite nicely, I had to increase the liquid it called for by quite a bit, and I used Chicken stock that I had sitting in the freezer to amp up the flavors. This turned out to be a big hit with the crowd. I decided I need to start using my bento tools, so I cut some of the carrots for garnish.

Had to have some green in the box so I pulled in some Proscuitto and wrapped up some Asparagus dusted it off with some lemon zest and lemon juice. Finishing the sides I put in some crackers just as a space filler since the asparagus wouldn't fit in the space.

For desert I wanted something sweet but healthy. Fruit of course is a good filler for such things I decided to add a kick to make it less plain and topped it with a ginger honey sauce with orange and lemon zest.

box contents
  • Roasted Chicken Mozzarella sandwich with pesto
  • Shitake Quinoa pilaf
  • Proscuitto wrapped asparagus
  • Crackers
  • Cantaloupe with ginger honey sauce


Unknown said…
pronounced "keen wa" if you're wondering....I know i was!

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