Brunch anyone?

Sorry for the sparce post folks, the holiday season's been hard on me, and I'm trying to space myself out for the holiday as I already committed to take it easy and resume bentos after the new year. Fear not this doesn't mean I'm not posting! Without further delay here we have the Fritta Bento! The idea of cooking up a brunch had been nagging at me some time. It wasn't until I found a blog entry somewhere on pumpkin blintzes that I had to jump on it.

We start with a simple frittata. Unfortunately it deflated on me as I packed it. Some things are just meant to be served fresh I suppose. Or the great chefs just have better technique. Very simple dish, I just put in some left over veggies that I had from another dish to whip this together.

I made a gazpacho for a side "soup" , I think I made it a bit too strong on the onion side. I meant for it to be more light and refreshing since I have been sending out some heavy bentos lately. Anyhow, definite graded a B on this one. I need to work on some taste technique and some better judgment when I read a recipe.

Again sticking with the them of light, I put together some sauteed green beans, a easy and healthy side dish that brought some nice color to my bento "composition" if you will. I'm finding it more and more important to be "concise" with my bentos meaning the easier I can make a dish the better on me as it saves me time. This fit the mold perfectly, a quick blanch, and a quick saute and we have a dish.

Last but not least the inspiration for the bento. Honestly I'm not a desert fiend, but I find myself composing menus based off desert. Although, a bit labor intensive, I think in the end worth it. Crepes I've done, but putting together a blintz especially as a side desert turns out to be pretty labor intensive. Reports from the field say it was very yummy. I think the "slight" sweetness of pumpkin really dropped the sugar and fat content of a normal blintz and was a wonderful change for a seasonal dish. I think in the great arsenal of bentos recipes this has to be a special occasion recipe. I can't pre-prep, I can't freeze it for re-use and it's labor intensive.

Anyhow, I hope anyone that is actually watching enjoys the post. I promise more posts later.

Box contents:
  • Garden Fritatta
  • Gazpacho
  • Green bean sauted with lemon butter
  • Pumpkin Blintz


Lunch Buckets said…
I'm watching.
I enjoyed.
I want a pumpkin blintz.
Or three.
Ironjack said…
Yay! I have a reader! Thanks for visiting!
AzLady2 said…
I just discovered you, from a link in the December newsletter. The blintzes sound great -- I may search for them.
XBadger said…
I have made crepes and frozen them between sheets of waxed paper for later. It's not environmentally conscious, but it works, especially if you thaw them carefully. And I use the pumpkin spread from Trader Joe's, to save time.

I'm also here from the Laptop Lunch Times and am looking forward to reading this blog.
Ironjack said…
Sorry, somehow I missed this string of comments. Yeah the blitz were the most labor intensive item in this box. I did get the recipe from a food blog, if I can find the link i'll post it here as a follow up. Thanks all for coming to visit!

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