It begins with a grain of rice.

Well, here I am with my very own first blog. Who am I? As it pertains to this blog? Foodie, Home cook and amateur photographer extraordinaire. See I got inspired surfing through some of the other food blog sites on the topic of bento boxes. I love the idea, and growing up that's what my mom would pack me for lunch. I wanted an excuse to get back into cooking and what better way than to cook for my new wife. Of course she's pretty excited by it and tells her coworkers. I believe the quoted response was, "Gee I wish someone would make me a bento lunch". Well one thing lead to another and here I find myself making 6 bento boxes twice a week. Couple the bentos with my newer interests in macro photography and you get this blog.

There are plenty of blogs out there that can tell you all about bentoing, I plan on posting photos and descriptions of my bentos as well as things i've learned along the way (first thing is how to prep so that I'm not up an hour earlier than I need to be). And of course I'm going to be refining my blogging techniques as I've never done this before.

So welcome readers I hope you find my blog entertaining and informative.


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