TRIP: London 2013 Pt2

I'm continuing my post of foods we had while in London. I'm now in the "vacation" phase of the trip. I say "vacation" in quotes because it was a whirlwind tour of London and surrounding areas so coming back I feel like I need a vacation from my "vacation". We had a lot of fun. Here's a shot of Big Ben and  Parliament shot from the London Eye.

I got a steak and kidney pie at the Berry Bar at the hotel. They offer an afternoon tea service (if you can't get into the fancier Ritz afternoon tea down the street). So for those of you that haven't had "pie" think chicken pot pie where the crust encases a yummy stew of meats (in this case chopped steak and kidney) in a brown gravy.

We went by Harrods and visited their food hall (one of my must do's when I come to London). The Pan Chai Sushi bar was revamped with a bigger menu and we had this BBQ duck and watermelon salad. Very tasty, the shredded duck must have been either fried or charred before shredding because the skin was crispy and delicious.

Foie Gras Terrine at the Tiger Green Brasserie (I put in the trip advisor review link since the restaurant has no official site) in our hotel

Duck confit (my wife's entree) at the Tiger Green Brasserie. Very tender and delicious, I'd definitely order it again.

We took a side trip out to visit Oxford University (yes we went and visit the various "Harry Potter" sites where they shot the film). We found this restaurant called Giraffe (turns out to be a franchise) the food was affordable. California sushi rice salad with oak smoked salmon.

My wife wasn't a big fan of her salad (we felt the rice was undercooked), but I really enjoyed my Hot Thai duck noodle stir fry. Since we took the train over there was a 2 for 1 entree offer so this meal was quite a good deal.

Finally a steak pie at the Mad Bishop and Bear in the Paddington station. Yes it looks a lot like the first pie photo. This was pretty good, the steaks were in large chunks and very filling. I'll have a post on pies later as I got a little history on them when we visited Hampton Court Palace.

I'm working on a bento this weekend so we'll be getting back to the cooking here shortly.


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