Lame Excuses: Been Busy sorry

I feel like I'm perpetually coming up with the same lame excuse: Life is extremely busy. I love to cook and love to get a chance to post but work has been such that I can do neither. Hopefully that changes soon. I have at least one theme for April that I want to hit. I've also got a ton of photos that I want to post and write about but again, time conspires against me. So in the mean time enjoy the the picture above. I'll let you ponder what it is.


Unknown said…
I know the feeling...I have more posts in my head than time to get done!

Great meeting you at the AFBA thing tonight and talking nerdy Alton Brown fandom stuff. :)
Ironjack said…
Great meeting you too! Hope to see you at more AFBA events!
Christine said…
You never told us what this was! Looks exquisite!
Ironjack said…
It's actually Chicken in chili oil. The chili oil is made with Sichuan peppercorn. It's hard to describe the heat sensation. It's hot, but not quite like a jalapeno hot nor like a horseradish hot. It's like eating a breath mint type of super cool sensation followed with the traditional jalapeno heat.

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