Hsin Chu Fish Market

My awesome Uncle took us to the Hsin Chu fish market as one of our stops on his tour of Hsin Chu for me, my sister and brother in-law. This place always amazes me every time I stop by. The above is one of the stalls that sells dried seafood.  I'll keep this post short on the yammering and just give some pics and descriptions.

Fresh water crabs they aren't the famed Chinese hair crabs but I was told they go for at least 30 USD a piece. So there's pretty darn close to the pricepoint.
Baby Shark.
The famous Black Mullet (also I've heard it called Grey Mullet)  prized for it's roe which is dry cured and considered a delicacy. One of my most favorite foods. Expensive and hard to come by. Apparently the italians prize the roe as well (called Bottarga Di Muggine). They grate the cured roe over pasta. Can't say I agree with that application but different strokes for different folks I suppose. 

Street vendor had some sausage with flying fish roe. It's a sweet chinese style sausage with flying fish roe mixed in. A very unusual texture, like a regular sausage but punctuated with crispy pop from the roe. 

A very fun excursion trip. I didn't end up buying anything because we were still full from the street food (see previous post). There's a restaurant on the second floor where you can take your purchases from the market and have them prepare it any way you desire. I love this place!
I leave you with a a picture of some beautiful fresh fish.


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